OS4 on the way

Posted: 19 September 2010 in AMC Progress Report

Welcome to another status update 🙂

Well, actually I’m working on the Options section of AMC, the place where the user can configure and adjust the program to its personal taste.

At the same time I’ve started to work on the OS4 version just because I’ve a SAM440ep where I can test and adjust everything on the fly, after the OS4 version will be the time of the MorphOS version (hoping to find a machine where I can test the code).

Actually there is still some minor bugs to fix, but I want to thank Trevor Dickinson and Andrea Palmatè for their support, especially Andrea is helping me alot with MPlayer port for OS4.

If you want to see something concrete just go to the Media page a see AMC running on my SAM440ep @667MHz 😀

Stay Tuned!


What’s up?

Posted: 2 September 2010 in AMC Progress Report

Welcome to another update of the AMC development 🙂

The Audio section has been completed, all is working fine: songs, playlists, favorites and WebRadio. The audio database mananagment has been completed too.
I’ve added some feedback when playing WebRadio and WebTV so the user can see what’s goin’ on during a connection with a media stream, I’ve added also the possibility to interrupt the connection or the buffering hitting the ESC key at anytime

Today I’ve successfully tested a first build of the Scheduler module, I’ve programmed a WebTV event to record, then I’ve waited for the recording to begin and…  it worked!!
After few minutes I was looking the recorded program saved on the hard-disk 🙂

Now I need to complete the Scheduler and to make an interface in AMC to manage the job list.
I hope to complete this part in no more then two or three days.

August report

Posted: 12 August 2010 in AMC Features, AMC Progress Report

Hello all,
just a quick update on what’s goin’ on.

The big news is that the picture section is finished 🙂
you can see a video  of the latest build (057) at this link.

Since you can build images playlists I’ve implemented a nice viewer where all playlist entries are falling down, the pictures are inside nice photo frames with two row description at the frame bottom.

This viewer, called Funny Slider,  is configurable in many ways:

  • The number of pictures on the screen at the same time
  • The background
  • The layers (in this case there is only a single layer on top of every other objects) and their display priority
  • The falling direction (top, bottom, left, right, random)
  • The photo frame (fonts, borders, colors)
  • Random rotation On/Off
  • Smoothing On/Off

Now that the picture section is completed I’ve started to work on the audio section, editing is almost complete (almost means 90%) and includes:

  • Favorites
  • Playlists
  • Database entries

This evening I’ve found a simple way to manage Album art and Artist art, all was running fine in my last tests… some tuning here and there and the AUDIO->PLAY->FAVORITES will be ready 🙂

Stay tuned!

The point

Posted: 30 July 2010 in AMC Progress Report

As promised here is what’s working right now

Video Section

  • Favorites
  • Playlists
  • Browsing, Database or any available device.
    Database can be browsed by:
    – Titles
    – Genres
    – Years
    – Cast
    – Directors
    – Keywords
  • Search by free text
  • WebTV
  • Integration with TMDb

Image Section

  • Thumbnail Browser
  • Browsing by
    – Date
    – Keywords
    – Category
  • Search by free text
  • Device Browser
  • Slideshow
  • Photo Mode

Misc Functions

  • Scan
    – Entire system or a single drawer (recursively or not)
  • Database
    – Edit Video Favorites, Playlists, Entries
    – Edit Image Favorites, Playlists
  • Options
    – Key Bindings

That’s all 🙂

A brief summary

Posted: 27 July 2010 in AMC Features

Since this is the first post I will try to make the point starting from the main features of AMC.

  • Multiplatform
    This application is written using Hollywood so with minimal changes/modifications I will be able to produce executables for Windows, MacOS (PPC and x86), AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS.
  • Remote friendly
    AMC has been written to be remote friendly but controls can be customized as the user wish, also the navigation menù can be configured or totally rewritten to match personal taste
  • Skinnable
    The AMC interface can be fully customizable, in the final version will be released the documentation that will allow skinners to make themes for this application, the GUI is organized in frames and each frame can be individually configured, icons, fonts, background pictures, frames and textures can be all changed.
  • PlugIn
    AMC will have a plugin system available for people that own Hollywood and are able to write code, really basic plugins and interfaces with the ‘external world’ can be created by everyone.
  • Playback
    AMC uses MPlayer for audio and video reproduction while images are handled directly using the Hollywood internal function.
  • Internet
    – AMC uses TMDb to retrieve data and pictures of your movies
    – AMC features WebTV of free internet streaming televisions

That’s all for now, in the next appointment I’ll try to make the point of the development status, what is done and what needs to be done: stay tuned!