In this section you will find all media taken during the development of AMC.

19.09.2010 – Latest build of AMC on OS4 (059)
AMC 059 running on OS4.1 update 2 on a SAM440ep @667MHz – Video made by me with my mobile (sorry for the quality)

01.09.2010 – Latest build of AMC (058)
The completed audio section and some other improvements too – Video made by Pascal Papara

10.08.2010 – Latest build of AMC (057)
The new Image Playlist Player, the new skin and some other stuff – Video made by Pascal Papara

25.07.2010 – AMC running on iMica
This video shows AMC running on iMica Silent, video done by amiga1productions at Amiga Event in Essen (Germany)

21.07.2010 – AMC and Remote Controller
Pascal Papara demonstrate how AMC, AROS and a remote controller are working nicely all together!

18.07.2010 – AMC 056
Image module in action, video done by Pascal Papara

  1. billt says:

    I’d like to know if you plan compatibility with MythTV backend servers, getting file data over network from there.

    • allanon71 says:

      Hi billt,
      actually the streams playback is managed trought MPlayer, if MPlayer is able to play a MythTV stream it’s very likely that I’ll add support for these streams too (if there aren’t any legal issues or encryption stuff), but not in this first release.

      • billt says:

        I don’t know exactly how MythTV works, but I was under the impression that some communication is involved to view and select available media files, movies, tv shows, music files, pictures, etc. then that file is somehow delivered to whatever frontend you’re using, be it that same computer or a different one. This allows a large and potentially loud fileserver hidden away someplace, and a quiet device in the playback room that doesn’t have a dozen hard drives spinning away.

        MythTV is GPL open source

  2. allanon71 says:

    Thank you Billt for the explanation, I’ll try to figure out what can I do to support MythTV 🙂

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